How to Protect Children from EMF Radiation

protect your children from EMF's

Gadgets have become an inevitable part of our lives. Every day, we get to use gadgets and tech devices like smartphones, microwaves, laptops, televisions, Wi-Fi, radios, and even baby monitors. All these tech devices and home equipment we use have electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and emit different degrees of radiation. Unfortunately, several health organizations have reiterated that long term exposure to EMF can pose dangers to the wellbeing of people exposed to it. The adverse effects of EMF exposure can be even more severe for children and babies.

The thing with radiation, however, is that it cannot be seen with the naked eye. As such, people tend to forget the potential risks of EMF on our health, especially children.

In the digital world, we live in right now, children are getting more tech-savvy at even younger ages. This is why it is essential to protect children from EMF radiation. It may be hard to stop your children from using these tech gadgets, as they are already a necessary part of your everyday life. However, what several parents do is to look for ways to protect children from EMF’s

Ways to Reduce Your Child’s Exposure to EMF Radiation

There are some steps you can take to help reduce your child’s exposure to EMF radiation and its effects. When you use a lot of gadgets at home, you’ll have to provide some sort of protection against the harmful effects of radiation.

If you’re concerned about providing EMF protection for children within your household, here are some ways you can try.

Reduce Your Child’s Screen Time

The first step in reducing your children’s exposure to EMF is by limiting the amount of time they spend using electronic devices. When they spend less time using mobile electronics and other gadgets with electromagnetic radiation, they’re less likely to suffer from its adverse effects.  You can set time limits for when your children use the gadgets. Put down some home rules and find ways to get them engaged and entertained without using electronic devices.

Keep a Safe Distance between the Gadgets and Your Children

As another way to protect children from EMF’s you can ensure that there is a safe distance between the children and their gadgets. Always set limits on how close to the television your children can sit. When watching programs on tablets and PCs, ensure that there is an extended distance between the kids and the devices.

Remove the device from the same room as your child at night. When the gadget is not in use, ensure that it’s far away from your children

Place Your Device in Airplane Mode

When not in use, or you don’t need a cellular connection, always place your devices in airplane mode. Although airplane mode in mobile devices was made to ensure safety during flights. You can take advantage of it and help reduce the level of EMF your children get exposed to. Maybe you previously downloaded a movie for your child to watch, ensure that the device is in Airplane mode.

Try Using EMF Protection Shields

You can use some materials that offer a level of EMF protection for children. Several different options of protection shields like clothes, wall paint, bedding, and so much more. These forms of security can be incorporated into your home without being intrusive.

Reduce Wireless Connections

Wireless connections like the internet, Bluetooth, etc., usually mean you have to contend with a higher level of radiation. You can reduce this by switching to using more wired connections when possible within your home. Use an auxiliary cord to play music rather than Bluetooth, use Ethernet cables instead of Wi-fi, etc. Also, spend more time outdoors and away from the radiation-emitting devices.

Are Children More at Risk From Electromagnetic Radiation?

Children have smaller and thinner skulls than adults, which means that they absorb electromagnetic radiation more. They are at more risk from EMF exposure as their brain tissues are still developing and more absorbent. When subjected to the same amount of radiation as adults, children tend to be at higher risk of experiencing adverse effects.

How Does Cell Phone Exposure Affect Babies?

Cell phone exposure can pose severe dangers to babies. Several scientific research indicates that the radiation emitted by cell phones can potentially cause many health issues for babies. Babies have even smaller bodies and are exposed to absorbing radiation more. Some of the potential effects include sleep disturbance, oxidative stress, neurological issues, and even cancer-causing effects.

EMF Protection for Babies

EMF protection for baby

Avoid using electronic devices around babies. Minimize your cell phone usage when carrying your baby or use your cell phone at a safe distance away from your baby. As babies are still in the early stage of development, even a one-foot safe distance will give them up to 80% protection. You can also use wired baby monitors. These wired monitors will emit less radiation than the wireless ones and keep your baby room safe.

EMF Protection During Pregnancy

You can go the extra mile and protect your child during pregnancy by doing a few simple things. Firstly, reduce your cell phone usage when pregnant. The fact is, cell phones emit just as much EMF radiation as microwaves and other electronic devices. Reducing their usage during pregnancy is the right way of EMF protection during pregnancy. Also, you can purchase some EMF shielding clothing, use wired earphones, and stay around computers and laptops less.

Safe Limits for Children Using Devices

Several health practitioners advise parents to set up safe limits as a simple way of protecting children from EMFs. For babies and children of younger ages, try not to allow solo use of media devices for long periods. Limit their screen time to a total period of one hour – for smaller children, and increase it as they grow. However, don’t just improve their screen times for nothing. Ensure that it’s monitored, and the quality of what they watch is acceptable.

safe EMF limits for children

As stated earlier in this article, let there be a safe distance between the children and their mobile phones, TVs, and tablets. Always remember that lower screen time can help the children in other aspects. The screens of electronic devices emit blue light that can disrupt the sleep cycle and lead to poor sleeping habits. By limiting screen time, you can prevent all these effects and keep your children safe from EMFs.

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