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EMF Protection Health Benefits

The conveniences of modern-day living are apparent to all of us. Yet, the possibility of health risks from these helpful gadgets remains less evident to most, along with the need for EMF protection devices.

Necessary devices and equipment, such as cellphones, WiFi routers, microwaves, and several more appliances, unleash a stream of energy that is considered harmful to humans. We should be concerned, and there’s a good reason for that.

The sun has always released waves that create electric and magnetic fields (EMFs). These EMFs are a form of radiation and accompany another form of the sun’s energy – visible light.

Electrical power lines and indoor lighting became more available in all corners of the world at the turn of the twentieth century. Scientists discovered that the power lines that deliver all that energy to the global population were disseminating EMFs in the same way as the sun.

Scientific research has shown that many appliances using electricity also create EMFs like electrical power lines. In addition, medical imaging procedures, such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and X-rays, were also found to radiate EMFs.

The World Bank reports that 87 percent of the global population uses electricity and electrical appliances. Therefore, the quantity of electricity and EMF created, as a result, is staggering.

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Are EMFs Harmful?

There are claims that EMFs are not harmful to human health. However, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) reports that EMFs are “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” The IARC believes that some studies show a possible link between electromagnetic frequencies and cancer in people.

Cellphones are probably the most popular EMF emitters. There has been a sharp rise in the use of cellphones in the 1980s, and there is even more reason for members of more demographic groups. These include groups such as young school children to have access to one.

This user growth owes more to an emerging necessity than a mere luxury.

The most extensive study to compare cancer cases in cellphone users and nonusers in 2000 showed a loose connection between the highest rate of exposure and glioma. Glioma is a cancer type occurring in the spinal cord and brain.

The study involved 5,000 people in 13 countries.

Gliomas were found mostly on the same side of the head that people preferred to speak on the phone.

Much later, a smaller study showed that people exposed to high doses of EMF for years showed an increased risk of a specific type of leukemia in adults.

Scientists in Europe have also shown that there’s some link between EMF’s and leukemia in children. Reviewing close to thirty studies on low-frequency EMF’s appears to say that these energy fields could be responsible when people experience several neuro-psychiatric problems.

One study established a connection between EMF exposure and changes in human nerve function throughout the body, significantly impacting mood and sleep.

EMF Protection Techniques

There may not be unanimous agreement that EMF’s are harmful to humans. However, the suggestions are clearly strong from reputable authorities such as the WHO, that electromagnetic frequencies are a potent potential danger.

What the WHO’s position signifies is that protecting oneself from EMF,s has become critical, and should happen on both personal and corporate levels.

Here are a few means of protecting yourself from EMF’s.

Cellphone Radiation Protection

People are increasingly aware of the effects of radiation from mobile phones and other wireless electronic devices on human health. They consider their cellphones to be essential to carry around, not different from a piece of clothing.

Cellphones represent the single largest RF (radio frequency) radiation exposure risk for most people.

The number of cellphone subscriptions worldwide stood at 7.4 billion as of 2015. These phones use electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range (450 – 3800 MHz and 24 – 80 GHz in 5G mobile).

Understand that every single time you send data to and from your phone, it’s emitting RF radiation or cellphone radiation.

Cellphone emf dangers

What then is suitable protection from cellphone radiation? Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Use Airplane Mode Often.

    Even though the amount of electric and magnetic radiation, your cellphone emits is minimal, most of it is in the form of radio-frequency radiation. The phone’s wireless connectivity is responsible for RF radiation.

Airplane mode disconnects your phone from a cellular and wireless connection. This effect will diminish the amount of radiation to almost zero. If you’re listening to a song or reading an e-book, turn on airplane mode to avoid needless radiation exposure.

Using Airplane mode when you drive helps you avoid direct exposure and even residual RF exposure from RFs within the car.

Note that using Bluetooth when Airplane mode is on still exposes you to RF radiation since Bluetooth also uses radio waves.

  1. Use an EMF Protection Case

This method of protecting from EMFs is an easy one to implement. A cellphone case can help keep away phone radiation. It is one of the most popular ways to reduce EMF pollution.

The typical wallet design of these EMF protection cases provides a closing front flap where you can store your ID and bank cards. Some can even hold cash. Why does this feature matter?Well, the flap that holds stuff securely contains material that can block RF radiation. Only close the front flap before talking on a phone call. This will reflect any radiation that goes towards your head away from the cellphone, and reduce your exposure.

EMF protection cases should be used correctly since talking on the phone with the flap on the reverse side could actually increase your exposure.

Reputable brands include RF Safe, Cruz cases, Safesleeve, and Defendershield.


WiFi Radiation Protection

WiFi radiation is radiofrequency radiation emitted from a WiFi router. It is the same RF radiation you get from a cellphone or a smart meter. However, there is an essential difference. This difference is that WiFi routers feature a design that pushes that radiofrequency far, so as to go through walls.

WiFi routers are always emitting to keep you connected at all times. This constant emission is where the real issue lies.

To avoid the lethal effects of WiFi EMFs, a WiFi router guard is the tool of choice.

It is essentially a small Faraday cage that houses the WiFi router. You simply unplug your WiFi router, seat it inside the cage, and pass the cables the cords through the small hole, and it boots back up.

The WiFi router guard employs the Faraday concept to block the RF radiation from the router, without impacting your WiFi signal strength.

The metal mesh of the cage is smaller than the shortest wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation, preventing it from escaping almost completely.

The attenuation rating – a measure of effectiveness – of good WiFi router guards is anywhere between 10 and 50 decibels (dB).

A WiFi router guard is an example of EMF protection for the home.

EMF Protection from Crystals and Jewellery

Specific crystals are known to counteract EMF pollution. However, you have to avoid any type of silicate crystals. Such crystals include quartz, lepidolite, opal, and a few others.

Silicate crystals quickly come in resonance (the scientific word for “coming in sync with”) electronic and microwave radiation. For this reason, silicon – the base chemical element in silicates and quartz – is widely used in technology. It is an excellent semiconductor of energy.

The best stones to place around your computing devices are ferromagnetic stones. Ferromagnetic stones contain iron. Examples are lodestone [or magnetite], hematite, and pyrite.

Other ferromagnetic minerals include Black Tourmaline,and Shungite.

Black tourmaline can transmute energy. It also has piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties.


Shungite only recently became popular among stone-lovers. It derives its name from the discovery deposit site near Shn’ga village in Karelia, Russia. It is probably up to 98 percent carbon.

Shungite has been used as everything from a cure-all, to a water purifier, to a conductor of energy. But, it also has properties that make it a reliable EMF shield. It is said to neutralize the harmful effects of EMFs.

The EMF-shielding property of Shungite may be due to carbon having diamagnetic shielding properties. What this means is that it reverses magnetic fields, and creates an energy field.

True Shungite contains trace amounts of fullerenes – microscopic, hollow, pure carbon molecules, which are highly powerful anti-oxidants. Fullerenes are also useful for health and in nanotechnology.

More importantly to us, fullerenes can also shield EMFs. Shungite remains the only chemical compound that contains fullerenes.

Pendants, Necklaces, Crystals, and other Jewelry

As the devices which contribute to EMF pollution are prevalent in everyday life, it makes sense to empower other everyday items with the ability to protect us from EMFs.

Consider the simple wristwatch you’re wearing. Or the pendant. How about bracelets? These items can be made to offer you vital EMF protection.

Once they can shield you from EMFs, they become EMF protection jewellery, or even EMF protection necklaces,and EMF protection wristbands. They use your body’s own natural energies to shield you from EMFs while improving your overall health.

In essence, you look great while ensuring you’re protected from all the EMF the numerous devices you encounter daily are creating.

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There are various EMF protection devices on the market. Most will make a claim that they work. They might, but it’s best if you do your research on any EMF protection product properly before making a purchase. Electromagnetic fields are real, but their threat is just as real.

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