Do You Suffer From Electrosensitivity?

Electrosensitivity is otherwise known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) or electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS). It refers to a reported sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, which results in negative symptoms.

Many describe it as the “next big health storm.”

The various non-specific symptoms are thought to be due to exposure to electromagnetic fields. Affected individuals say they have widely varying reactions to these fields at intensities well below the maximum permitted by international radiation safety standards. But, those provocation trials only find that the claimants cannot differentiate between exposure and non-exposure to magnetic fields.

We need to have a way to tell then if EMFs as a by-product of modern life, are the cause of their odd manifestations. EMF’s are the atmospheric man-made radiation from WiFi, phone signals, TV screens, radio, and even fluorescent bulbs.

What Causes EMF Sensitivity?

The idea that electromagnetic fields impact our health adversely gained ground in the 1960s. There was even a science fiction serial, The Changes, that imagined a future after humans became allergic to electricity. Pylons posed the greatest danger, causing people to become violently sick.

The telecommunications industry has multiplied the risks of electromagnetic radiation to humans. Smartphones, tablets, computers, WiFi devices, and wearable tech have only provided more points of exposure to EMFs and, therefore, electrosensitivity.

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EMF Exposure Symptoms

Exposure to EMF can express several categories of symptoms.


  • Sleep issues: An inability to sleep properly at night. You may be waking up intermittently, exhibiting a high degree of restlessness.
  • Tiredness and Fatigue: You experience abnormal levels of tiredness and weakness. You may even experience tremors, dizziness, and faintness.
  • Headaches: A recurring banging in the head, that is often severe.
  • Tinnitus and Earache: You can’t stop hearing that ringing torment inside your ears.
  • Dry skin and Irritations: Does your skin also fee dry and prone to ashes? How about tingling skin, irritation, and crawling sensations?
  • Chest trauma: Pain in the chest and heart arrhythmia are also common symptoms.
  • Facial trauma: Warmth or burning sensation on the face. Often feels like an intense sunburn.
  • Dental issues: Do you also feel pain in your teeth and jaws?
  • Eye trauma: You may have difficulty with vision as your eyes start to smart, accompanied by a sensation of irritation, pain, or a “gritty” feeling.
  • Aches and pains across the body: More frequently, you might experience numbness, aches and pain, and growing prickling sensation. This uncomfortable situation occurs across bones and joints. It also affects muscles in the shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, pelvis, legs, feet, and ankles. The legs and arms may also experience a cramp.


  1. Memory: Impairment in long-term and short-term memory.
  2. Diminishing levels of concentration: Loss of concentration that can be severe.
  3. Cognitive difficulty with new things: It becomes increasingly difficult for you to pick up new knowledge.


  1. Irritability: You’re easily ticked off at the simplest things.
  2. Mood issues: Depression, crying, and mood changes become more familiar with you.
  3. Stress and Restlessness: Stress and anxiety attacks, and a feeling of losing control.

These three categories of symptoms are signs that you may well be electrosensitive.

EMF Dangers

There is often a wide variation in how electromagnetic fields affect people. People may break out in hives, have migraines, rashes, or even collapse within few meters of a WiFi router or mobile phone.

But, people rarely connect the cause with the symptom. As a result, they perpetuate the lifestyle that’s causing them problems.

Exposure to EMF (especially for electrosensitive people) has a cumulative effect that may ultimately result in death if not dealt with.

Electromagnetic fields can be catastrophic, and every person is electrosensitive to some degree.

Exposure to EMF emissions from cell towers, WiFi routers, smart meters, cordless phones, baby monitors, and smart home appliances, can be lethal. The pulsed microwave radiation counters the body’s communication system.

The reason this happens is that the body’s communication system is a weak form of radio-frequency transmitted between the body’s cells to preserve its integrity. Therefore, whenever you expose your body to a more powerful anthropogenic radio frequency, the cells view it as an enemy. They effectively shut down, limiting nutrition, ingestion, and elimination of waste.

The brain’s Pineal gland sees EMF as a form of bright light which our eyes can’ t see. The gland regulates the manufacture of melanin when it’s dark. Sleeping with an active WiFi router limits deep immune system restorative sleep.

Thus, you never really get refreshed from sleep.

Electromagnetic Sensitivity Treatment

Anyone suffering from electrosensitivity, recognizing and acting on their allergy to wireless electrical radiation is in a better position than the majority of the world’s population. There are five ways these individuals treat themselves of the scourge of electromagnetic fields.

  • Limiting Exposure

Reduce long-term exposure to EMF to limit the amount of radiation you encounter.

  • Using Protective Products

A smartphone and tablet case can protect both the gadgets and you by deflecting the emitted radiation.

  • Keeping Gadgets Away from the Bedroom

This tip is essential to improve your sleep patterns.

  • Eating Healthy

Organic foods and a rotary diet can help minimize food sensitivities arising from electrosensitivity. Spring, distilled, or filtered water is also preferable to tap water.

  • Regular Exercise

Exercise helps with fatigue, headaches, and cardiovascular symptoms. A stronger body fights EMF sensitivities easier

electromagnetic hypersensitivity

Protection From EMF Exposure

It is impossible to avoid EMF in today’s world.

Your best bet against electrosensitivity or sensitivity to electricity is to be proactive. You can invest in products that will filter and shield your home, school, or work environment, keeping it clean and pollution-free.

Such products include wired accessories and a radiation shield such as a Faraday cage.


cellphone radiation

Electrosensitivity and electrohypersensitivity ensure that you do not feel safe using your smartphone and appliances.

Even if you live close to power lines, you can limit the impact of electromagnetic radiation on your life.

It is vital always to pay attention to your body so you can know when things are getting out of hand.

Electromagnetic Sensitivity
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