Do EMF Shielding Clothes Really Work?

As the world becomes more aware of the potential dangers of EMF exposure, people are now looking for ways to protect themselves against it. Many methods can be used to help prevent or reduce the level of exposure to these harmful electromagnetic fields. Lots of people are now looking at EMF protection clothing for their ease of use. You can simply put on the clothes and get some protection against the radiation.

It’s vital to know that EMF radiation is all around us today. Even in our homes, the regular appliances we use like microwaves, Bluetooth devices, ovens, PCs, and cell phones may emit radiation.  And long term exposure to EMF can cause several health issues

Do EMF Shielding Clothes Work?

The simple answer is yes! Some clothing products can help block the penetration of harmful radiation into your body. Although not all offer complete protection. For those looking for the best clothing to help protect against EMF, this article will tell you all you need to know. Let’s start with how these EMF shielding clothes work.

How Does EMF Protection Clothing Work?

Anti-radiation clothing works by reducing the radiation that passes through the cloth. In most cases, this type of clothing doesn’t give 100% protection against the radiation. They work by attenuating radiation. This means that they contain materials that reduce the force at which energy passes through it. By creating a path of resistance against the radiation, EMFs won’t be able to penetrate the clothing.

. The attenuation level of an EMF shielding fabric is usually given in decibels. Clothes with higher decibel ratings provide higher protection against radiation. Here is how much radiation reduction you get per decibel rating:

  • 10 decibels = 90% reduction
  • 20 decibels = 99% reduction
  • 30 decibels = 99.9% reduction
  • 40 decibels = 99.99% reduction

Generally, EMF protection apparel is sold with tags to indicate the decibel ranking of the clothing. Most of them are within the 25-50 decibel range.

Should I Wear Anti-Radiation Clothing?

With the dangers and risks radiation exposure poses to the wellbeing of people, it’s advisable to protect yourself against it.  A significant way of doing that is by blocking the amount of EMF waves that penetrate your body through protective clothing. Wearing anti-radiation clothing can play an essential part in keeping you safe and reduce your level of exposure. These clothes are lined with materials that repel radiation. They are also made to be quite comfortable, so people would have no issues wearing them. They come in different sizes and types, including caps, beanies, dresses, shirts, pants and so much more.

Anti-Radiation Clothes for Pregnancy

Pregnant women and unborn babies are at higher risk from exposure to EMFs. For this reason, there are several EMF shielding clothes for women to wear during pregnancy. Let’s take a look at some of the anti-radiation clothes for pregnancy.

EMF pregnancy clothes


You can purchase full maternity dresses to give you almost total protection from harmful radiation. These dresses are usually spacious and not heavy to wear, even with the metal material lining. Although most of the anti-radiation dresses are unadorned and without flamboyant designs.

Shirts and Tops

Like the maternity dresses, shirts and tops that prevent radiation are usually pretty plain. You’ll also find some with intricate designs, especially when it comes to Tees. When shopping for anti-radiation shirts and tops, ensure you go for the options that are not too obvious. You don’t want your shirt to always be the topic of discussion when you meet people. There are several different brands of EMF shielding clothes that look normal and are quite comfy too.

Belly Bands

Also popular among expecting mothers are radiation shielding belly bands. These elastic support bands are also lined with shielding materials and can be found in the clothing stores. It’s an excellent way to shield your unborn child from the potential effects of EMFs from your everyday gadgets and appliances. One thing users like about this protective clothing are that it can be worn underneath your cloth and stay concealed. And it stretches easily, so your belly growth is not a problem.

Belly Blankets

Next on our list are belly blankets. These are shielded sheets you can use to cover your belly while using your cell phones, laptops, etc. They are perfect for mothers who’d rather not have the feeling of a band around their bellies. They provide the much-needed blockade against radiation for your growing belly and its occupant.

Even after the child is born, nursing mothers can protect their babies from EMFs using these blankets. There are also simple nursing covers that attenuate radiation for nursing mothers. So your child stays safe if you have to breastfeed while doing something on your phone.

All these protective fabrics have a different level of attenuation. Ensure you check the decibel range before you purchase any shielding apparel.

EMF protection belly blankets
EMF Protection Belly Blankets
EMF protection Clothes
EMF Sheilding Sheets For Kids

What Are the Best EMF Shielding Fabrics?

The best EMF shielding fabrics are determined by their level of attenuation and the type of metal materials used. For most radiation blocking clothes, the percentage of composition is 50% cotton, 15% polyester, and 35% metal fibers. The most popular metal fibers used to make EMF protective fabrics are silver, copper, nickel, and stainless steel. Most people go for silver and copper-lined clothing because of their high comfortability.

Final Thoughts

If you’re worried about the level of exposure to harmful EMFs you get, why not protect yourself against it? Although EMF protective clothes don’t give 100% radiation blockage, they can significantly reduce the level of EMF penetration. With the information in this article, you now know what to look out for when selecting your preferred shielding apparel.

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