EMF sheilding bag

Best Cell Phone EMF Protection Devices Reviews

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) are harmful radiations we get exposed to every day. With the increased reliance on mobile devices (which also emit radiations), the risk of exposure to EMF is even higher. To prevent the effects of EMF exposure such as fatigue, insomnia, malaise, headache, earache, cognitive problems, electrosensitivity, and other health anomalies, protecting ourselves

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electrosmog meter

Best EMF Meters Reviews

Electromagnetic frequency (EMF) sensitivity refers to vulnerability to electromagnetic fields. This could result in various symptoms such as insomnia, headaches, fatigue, irritation, eye trauma, mood issues, stress, and general body aches. As a result, protection from EMF exposure is essential. EMF Meters are instruments that measure the strength of electromagnetic field radiations from different electrical

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