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Several of our home appliances emit harmful electromagnetic field (EMF) radiations, putting us at risk of developing a variety of symptomatic and asymptomatic illnesses. While there’s very little we can do in preventing the emission of these rays, there’s a lot we can do to protect ourselves and our family.

The use of EMF Protection instruments to block EMF radiations from different sources has proven to be an effective way to shield our bodies from EMF and RF. Here, we put together a review of the best EMF Protection for the home to guide your purchase decision:

EMF Home Protection Products

  1.  Heka Naturals Polished Shungite Pyramid 
  2. Power P.E. Bal
  3. Zen Stone: Set of 3 – Hope, Peace & Love
  4. EDEC Large Non-Window Size Faraday Bag
  5. BENVWE Car Key Signal Blocker Box
  6.  TitanRF Faraday Fabric
  7.  100% Silver Fiber Fabric Radiation EMF Protection Material
  8.  Wi-Fi Router Guard Cover

1. Heka Naturals Polished Shungite Pyramid

Having the Heka Naturals Polished Shungite Pyramid in your home and office is a great way to protect your environment from EMF and other harmful radiations.

It transforms the properties of negative electric and magnetic field radiations to have a positive influence on your surroundings. The Shungite Pyramid contains unique carbon atoms arranged in pentagonal and hexagonal structures, called Fullerenes, which can turn EMF radiations into biologically harmless frequencies.

The item works best when you place it close to your body or close to EMF-emitting devices such as TV, microwave oven, laptops, cell phones, and other home appliances. It comes either as polished or unpolished, with aesthetics being the difference between both.


  • It contains unique fullerenes molecules.
  • The pyramid is portable and easy to use.
  • It has an aesthetic appearance.
  • Effective in transforming biologically incompatible radiations to compatible ones.
  • Item is delivered with Certificate of Authenticity


  • No scientifically-proven mechanism of action

2. Power P.E. Bal

If you want to get rid of EMF exposure symptoms such as headaches, irritation, fatigue, depression, rashes, dizziness, and shortness of breath, then you need the Power P.E. Bal – an anti-EMF radiation device that guarantees a 99% success rate in eliminating harmful radiations.

The Power P.E. Bal is an EMF protection pyramid that deals with negative frequencies from electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress, shielding users from all forms of unbalanced energy. It comes with a 30-day guarantee that allows you to test the effectiveness of the device.

It works effectively within a radius of 30 meters and is suitable for use in your homes, offices, and cars for blocking EMF from 5G and Wi-Fi.


  • Portable and requires no batteries to work.
  • It is made of stainless steel, which is a good conductor of electric radiations.
  • Very lightweight and unobtrusive.
  • It has an enormous protection radius of 36 meters.


  • Limited product review

3.  Zen Stone: Set of 3 – Hope, Peace & Love

Zen Stones are powerful and reliable anti-EMF stones curated to help you control or eliminate effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure.

The set of three (3) stones consist of the Hope, Peace, and Love stones. The Hope Zen stone is a small stone with a protective radius of 15 meters, while the larger Peace Zen stone has a protective radius of 17 meters. The Love Zen stone is the largest of the set with a protective radius of 21 meters.

When stacked together, the three Zen stones offer a combined protective radius of 31 meters, giving your home and office an unparalleled EMF and geopathic stress protection all day long.

The Zen stones can be used individually for a specific purpose. They come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk in giving the stones a try.


  • Exceptional meditation/relaxation tool, and helps with a good night’s sleep.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • A wide, combined protective radius when stacked together.
  • Discounts on multi-buy


  • There’s not so many available reviews of the product.

4. EDEC Large Non-Window Size Faraday Bag

The EDEC Large Non-Window Size Faraday Bag offers multi-protective features, including EMF radiation protection, signal blocking, anti-spying, and anti-tracking.

The large-sized Faraday bag was designed for military and law enforcement digital forensics, with a radio frequency (RF) shielding ability that you can find. It’s a utility bag that prevents the tracking and spying of your cell phones and tablets.

With the bag,

  • Military officers can block off invasive signals.
  • Law enforcement personnel can protect digital investigative evidence.
  • Individuals can protect their bodies from harmful radiation.


  • Suitable for all tablet sizes
  • It has a unique folding design
  • It’s a multi-purpose bag
  • Widely used by government and law enforcement agencies for over ten years


  • Product cost is on the high side


5. BENVWE Car Key Signal Blocker Box

This BENVWE Car Key Signal Blocker protects your car against theft by blocking the radio frequency identification (RFID) signals of your car keys which is usually cloned by vehicle thieves to access your vehicle.

It is made with a high-quality double-shielding material, fully-wrapped insulating cover, and a secure lock. The box can hold up to ten car keys at a time, and can even protect your mobile phones, tablets, and cards from theft and negative signals.

The box is made of premium quality leather and elastic foam at the top for added protection. If you’re looking to prevent your car from being stolen, then the BENVWE Car Key Signal Blocker Box is your best bet.


  • Stylish and durable
  • Price is relatively affordable



  • The adhesive used on the box emits a bad smell

6. TitanRF Faraday Fabric

If you need a layer of defense against harmful EMF for your homes and offices, then the TitanRF Faraday Fabric is exactly what you need.

The anti-EMI and RFID shielding fabric is excellent for protecting against radiation for cell towers, power lines, Wi-Fi routers, and other devices. It can be used as a cell phone shielded cover, car security key fob bag, computer tower EMI shield, wireless router cover, and smart meter EMI shield.

The TitanRF Faraday Fabric is a military-grade fabric, composed of nickel and copper with high shielding properties effective against Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, radio signals, GPS, and cell signals. It can be installed right on the walls of your home or office.


  • Perfect protection shield for pregnant women
  • It comes with an instruction guide for use and installation
  • Comes with adhesive tape for installation
  • Scientifically-proven performance
  • Pliable



  • Doesn’t work well at controlling Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF)
  • Can interfere with reception of harmless frequencies
RF Faraday fabric

7. 100% Silver Fiber Fabric Radiation EMF Protection Material

The 100% Silver Fiber Fabric is an anti-EMF protective fabric that effectively blocks off radio frequencies (RF), Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), electromagnetic interference (EMI), and Low frequency (LF).

It’s an elastic silver-coated material, a superconductor of electrical frequencies. The fabric ranks as one of the best Earthing and Grounding fabrics, as well as serving as a reliable shield against radio waves and microwaves.

The fabric can be used for garments, beddings, drapes, curtains, tents, and other forms of protective covers. It’s useful in blocking harmful radiations from cell towers, mobile phones, radars, Wi-Fi routers, military broadcasts, and smart meters.

You can also insert the fabric into your wallet, bag, or purse to protect your credit card from data and identity theft.


  • Soft and washable.
  • Highly conductive material.
  • Lower pricing compared to similar products.
  • The fabric has a surface resistance below 0.1 ohms.
  • Elastic fabric
  • The fabric material is safe for the body and skin


  • Item doesn’t have a money-back guarantee

8. Wi-Fi Router Guard Cover

This is the foremost Wi-Fi Router Guard developed by Smart Meter Guard, effective in blocking about 85% of EMF and RF radiations emitted by Wi-Fi routers.

This original router guard is a customized Faraday Box, designed specifically for Wi-Fi routers of small sizes (less than 12 x 9 x 3 inches). Larger routers can’t fit into the box, so it’s important to take an accurate measurement of your router’s dimensions before making a purchase.

Smart Meter Guard, however, has Wi-Fi Router Guard for larger routers like ATT Uverse and Comcast Xfinity, with enough room for the router and its cables.

The Router Guard offers extensive EMF protection to the entire house, blocking electromagnetic and radio frequencies. It’s a great option to shield your family from negative frequencies.


  • Router Guard is easy to install, requiring no assembly of parts
  • Protects the whole house
  • Original design, and most-effective
  • Doesn’t affect the Wi-Fi signal


  • Router Guard is easy to install, requiring no assembly of parts
  • Protects the whole house
  • Original design, and most-effective
  • Doesn’t affect the Wi-Fi signal


We have reviewed the top 8 EMF protection tools for the homes, considering their unique features and the extent of protection they offer. Your purchase choice will depend on exactly what an anti-EMF tool you need and where you need it.

The Heka Naturals Polished Shungite Pyramid can be placed anywhere in your home and office to provide optimal protection from EMF.  To prevent EMF exposure within a 30 meters radius, the Power P.E. Bal is a great option.

The set of 3 Zen stones – Love, Peace, and Hope – is very effective in blocking off electromagnetic radiations, and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. EDEC Large Non-Window Size Faraday Bag, designed for military and law enforcement use, works well in shielding the human body from negative frequencies.

If you need to protect your car against theft by blocking radio frequency identification (RFID) signals used for cloning car keys, then the BENVWE Car Key Signal Blocker Box is your best bet. TitanRF Faraday Fabric is a multi-purpose anti-EMF fabric that finds full applications in homes and offices.

100% Silver Fiber Fabric is another anti-EMF fabric widely used for EMF/RF blocking, earthing/grounding, and general signal blocking. The original Wi-Fi Router Guard Cover blocks off the harmful EMF radiation which Wi-Fi routers emit.

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