Reduce EMFs at Home with Anti-Radiation Plants

anti radiation plants for your home

The addition of some anti-radiation plants in your home  helps make it a safer place from EMF radiation exposure

Advancement in technology has made life better. It has helped improve the quality of living by making many things easier. Through cellphones and other electronics, interactions and communication are better, and we can exercise more control over our world.

However, there are increasing concerns over the impending danger posed by more tech gadgets. Smartphones and other wireless devices emit electromagnetic fields’ (EMF) radiation, which is said to be hazardous. If this is the case, then there’s a higher risk since we’re surrounded by these devices all day, especially in our homes.

What Exactly Are Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)?

EMFs are areas of invisible, moving energy that are emitted from matter. They are a critical part of life, and they occur naturally in the body through the muscular and nervous systems.

However, EMFs can also be manufactured, and this category comes from microwaves, cell phones, and television.

Most of our gadgets emit some form of radiation.

Are EMFs a Health Hazard?

EMF is dangerous, and research supports that it has several negative impacts on the human body. Continual exposure to high levels of EMF is harmful, affecting the body and your overall wellbeing. It’s linked to dizziness, headaches, sleeping disorders, body aches, and even cancer.

Is electromagnetic radiation harmful

Why You Should Reduce EMF’s at Home

Today, with the acute rise in the use of smartphones, wireless routers, and technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), there is no shortage of exposure to gadgets that radiate EMFs. The home is smarter, and there are more smart appliances, and wearable devices than there were a few years ago.

Smartphones, Smart Homes, but How Smart is Smart?

All smartphones emit EMF, and ultimately, continual exposure to EMF is hazardous to your health and your family’s. With so many more wireless devices, the home can become a ticking health bomb if measures are not put in place to reduce EMF and its impacts. Several studies reveal that living in smarter environments can result in more health challenges. Smart might not be so smart after all.

Ways of Reducing the EMF’s in Your Home

With the increasing reliance on technology and its surging advancement, it’s nearly impossible to decide to altogether avoid exposure to EMF radiation, especially in the home. Most of us sleep with our phones clutched in our grasp and wake up in front of the television. The best way to reduce the risks of detrimental health effects is to take active steps to reduce EMF in the home.

One way to do that is to fill the homes with anti-radiation plants that absorb and reduce EMF’s.

Here’s why plants are ideal:

  • Environmental Purification: Plants improve the quality of air in an environment. They take carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which gives the air in and around your home a fresh, earthy feel.
  • Natural Solution: There are other ways to reduce EMF in your home. However, anti-radiation plants are the most natural and organic solution. Instead of using shields and other EMF-protection products, anti-radiation plants are useful for reducing high-frequency radiation. To achieve optimum results, you can also combine anti-radiation plants with other methods.
  • Aesthetics: Asides using the plants to absorb EMF, you can also use them to decorate and beautify your home. Potted plants can offer your home a natural beauty that artificial flowers might not be able to replicate.

Plants That Absorb Radiation

Here are some anti-radiation plants which you can use to protect your home:

cactus plants

1.   Cactus

In a study carried out in 2005, NASA found several plants that could absorb radiation, and this spiky plant was part of them. Cactus is ideal for absorbing radiation emitted by computers and for protecting you from other radioactive activities.

They’re not difficult to grow, and they don’t need much water to grow properly. However, plants need light; so, place the pot close to a window.

2.   Snake Plant

The snake plant is a known anti-pollutant that can absorb more than a hundred kinds of poisons. It is a great idea to place this plant close to your electronics for the absorption to be very effective.

It’s effortless to grow and keep this plant in the home as you don’t need to water it often.

3.   Betel Leaf

Betel leaf is another with studies to prove that it’s an excellent EMF absorber. After studying its extract, the results show that it prevents radiation-induced damage to DNA.

You can grow the betel leaf plant anywhere, indoors, the rooftop, or in your outdoor garden. But it requires regular watering.

4.   Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a known plant that many already use for several medicinal purposes. It’s also a great anti-radiation plant. Aloe Vera absorbs emission and renders the air within your home cleaner and fresher.

The plant will not look out of place in your home, as many homes already have it for other purposes. However, too much water can damage the plant.

5.   Spider Plant

The spider plant is an exotic plant that absorbs not only EMF radiations but also other pollutants, like harmful gases. That way, your home, and environment become free of pollution.

It’s easy to grow and maintain the spider plant. They thrive even under severest conditions.


Tips for Using Anti-radiation Plants in Your Home

  1. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Most plants need sunlight but placing them directly under sunlight can prove too much.
  2. Keep them close to the EMF-emitting devices for the most effective results
  3. Some plants don’t need too much water. Avoid overflooding. Learn what each plant needs and apply as the case may be.
  4. Most plants thrive under moderately-warm temperatures. Protect the plant from extreme conditions.
  5. Over time, change the potting with fresh soil.

Final Thoughts

Our homes today are filled with numerous EMF-emitting gadgets and the only way to reduce the risk of exposure is by taking active steps.

Using indoor anti-radiation plants will help detoxify your home, purify the air, and reduce the risk of the adverse health effects of EMF exposure.

indoor anti-radiation plants
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