5G Shielding and Protection Against 5G Radiation

Protection against 5G radiation

So much has been said about the 5G technology that has left many people confused about what it is. The onset of the corona pandemic worsened it with several conspiracy theories, leaving people only more confused. Are there truly genuine health risks associated with this next-generation network standard, or are they rumours with exaggerated effects?

               Let’s take a look at what the 5G technology is all about.

What Is 5G?

5G is the new wireless standard that’s offering an exponential boost in network performance and data transmission. While the previous network upgrade, 4G’s peak speed is 10Mbps, 5G overtakes that by ten-fold with a range between 10 and 20 Gbps. It also offers a completely low network latency of 1ms when compared to 4G’s estimated 30ms latency.

This simply implies that 5G offers a huge increase in upload and download speeds as well as easy device communication over wireless networks. The 5G wireless standard is ideal for Internet of Things (IoT), video streaming, and other online activities that rely on a faster data transmission rate.

5G Sounds Great. What’s The Problem?

To achieve 5G’s aim of ten-fold upsurge in data transmission rate, there has to be an increase in transmission frequency. This can only be achieved by erecting hundreds of thousands of wireless antennas across neighbourhoods and cities. That will, in turn, increase the risk of exposure to electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), which can cause DNA damage and cancer and disrupt cell metabolism.

This potential health risk to everything living is what has the world on edge concerning the 5G wireless technology.

Why Protecting Yourself From 5G is So Important

5G runs on waves with very low frequencies. Therefore, to enjoy the new wireless standard and provide unwavering quality, antennas would have to be planted near each other everywhere. This will create an environment bathing people with electromagnetic radiation all the time.

Scientific evidence has recently proven that this constant exposure to 5G radiation could harm the human body system—affecting the eyes, skin, and even the nervous system. Some researchers have also been able to prove that children are at risk of exposure. In contrast, pregnant mothers have a three-time higher risk of miscarriage.

Even if you can’t take any considerable action against the invention of 5G and the risks of EMF radiation, you must learn to protect yourself and your family. Protecting yourself and others will reduce your exposure to radiation and all the harm that could accompany it.

How to Protect Yourself Against 5G Electromagnetic Radiation

Here are specific steps you can take to protect yourself against the 5G electromagnetic radiation

  • Stay Away

Laws of physics establish that the power of radiation weakens with increased distance. The best way to protect yourself from 5g radiation is to get as far away as possible from the source. Doing that reduces the level of harm the radiation may cause.

  • Reduce Usage of 5G Technology gadgets

Another way to protect yourself from radiation exposure is to reduce your usage of devices that emit radiation to the bare minimum. Take breaks from using your 5G-enabled phone and keep them at least five to ten feet away from you. If you’re on the road, use an EMF protective bag to keep your phone safe.

  • Buy EMF Protection Products

Invest in products that will offer protection against EMF radiation. 5G shielding involves using EMF shields to prevent radiation from reaching your body. These are quite effective.

You can also use an EMF meter to detect areas of dense EMF radiation in your environment and protect yourself by spending less time there or avoiding these places entirely.

  • Carefully Decide Where you’ll Live

Consciously live away from radiation-prominent areas if you can help it. Avoid living close to any base station or tower to help reduce your exposure to radiation drastically. A distance of 400m is the ideal distance you must be away from the antennae or tower.       

  • Never Stop Learning

One of the essential but grossly underrated things to get is knowledge to protect yourself from the adverse effects of the radioactive frequencies. Continue to educate yourself about the 5G technology and the wireless industry. Learn as much as you can, and you’ll even find better ways to protect yourself.

More Useful Tips About Shielding Against 5G Radiation

  1. Avoid sleeping with your phone by your side. Doing away with the phone every night gives you four to eight hours (depending on how long you sleep for). This will drastically reduce your level of exposure to the radioactive frequencies.
  2. Keep your phone as far away from your body as possible. Avoid holding your phone against your ears to make or receive calls. Use a radiation-free headset or place your phone on speaker to attend to calls.
  3. Buy an EMF protection case for your smartphones.
  4. Keep your router away from your bedroom, and anywhere you spend the most time.
  5. Turn off your phones. Spend more time with friends and family. Disconnecting from technology will not only protect you against the radiation, but it will also help you improve your social relationships.
  6. Use fewer wireless gadgets and rely more on wired ones since 5G is wireless technology.
  7. Make sure you have some anti radiation plants in your home and office as they can help protect you from EMF exposure

Our Conclusions on 5G radiation Protection

The complete adoption of the 5G technology will undoubtedly change data transmission and the way the world communicates. However, implementing and integrating the technology into society will only enhance the risk of exposure to 5G radiation.  These simple tips about 5G shielding against radiation, will help with protection against 5G radiation frequencies.


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