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EMF Meters

What are EMF Meters? If we say there is EMF pollution by RF waves, then it must be measured. That’s what EMF meters are for as they detect field emissions from objects such as power lines, home, and office appliances, cellphones, and WiFi routers.

EMF protection Devices

EMF Protection

With mounting evidence concerning the harmful effects of EMF on the human body, it's critical to protect one’s body, entire home, and office from RF waves. These devices like Faraday cages and cellphone protection cases shield you from RF waves,

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As the number of EMF sources multiplies, electromagnetic pollution or electrosmog becomes more real. Electrosmog is man-made and doesn't go away when appliances are turned off or in standby mode, they still generate and emit electric fields.

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electrosmog meter

Best EMF Meters Reviews

Electromagnetic frequency (EMF) sensitivity refers to vulnerability to electromagnetic fields. This could result in various symptoms such as insomnia, headaches,

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Is Electrosmog Harming Your Health?

The jury is out on whether EMF radiation is harmful to health, but the evidence is mounting. 

It is worth pointing out that the World Health Organization has declared electromagnetic field radiation a Class 2b carcinogen. What this means is that they are a possible cause of cancer.

Electromagnetic Radiation


This can interfere with the body’s natural processes. The reason is that the human body is mostly water and, as such, is controlled by bioelectrical impulses.

There is an adverse influence on optimal cell supply, as electromagnetic radiation penetrates the body. Things only head south from there unless immediate far-reaching measures are taken. Human biology is delicate, but companies must begin to acknowledge this and become proactive in balancing declining human health and making profits.

It’s a fine line to tow, but with government regulation and corporate participation, we find a way for our health and emerging lifestyle to promote each other mutually.

Our article Electrosmog Could The Emissions From Your Devices Be Harming You. Provides more information on this.

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